Welcome to VR City!!!

VR City is Based in Bradford we are the largest and most immersive virtual reality experience in the north!

After months of delay, due mainly to lockdown and covid and then a little bit of delay in deliveries. We have finally opened our doors on 17 September 2021. It has been an absolute whirlwind since that day and the feedback from you all has been amazing (check out our reviews on google/trip advisor)!

VR City


Many of you will be wondering, or asking yourself, what on earth is VR!?!?

First things first, you’re going to need to know what VR City actually is. The clue is in the name – it’s the experience of a world that doesn’t actually exist. We aren’t talking about getting yourself lost in a book or daydreaming about a photo or painting however, even if these technically are also experiencing some sort of virtual reality.

The virtual reality we are talking about is one created by computers that allows you to experience and interact with a 3D world that isn’t real. We do this by putting on a head-mounted display and some form of input tracking. The display will typically be split between your eyes, creating a stereoscopic 3D effect with stereo sound, and together with the technology and the input tracking, it will create an immersive, believable experience, allowing you to explore the virtual world being generated by the computer.

VR Racing simulator bradford

Will I really feel like I am there?

VR will make you feel like you are there mentally and physically. You turn your head and the world turns with you so the illusion created by whatever world you are in is never lost.

Watch a film in the cinema and the split-second fear you might feel when a devastating earthquake happens on screen will very quickly disappear if you turn your head to see the person next to you munching away on their popcorn. Films and books take you to different fictional worlds, but they are not worlds you change based on your actions.

There are various kinds of virtual reality from fully immersive and non-immersive to collaborative and web-based. The VR everyone is excited about is the fully immersive variation because this is the explorable and interactive 3D computer-created world that can take you to places reality might not allow for, be that walking on Mars or driving around the mountains in a sports car. And this is exactly what we have on offer at VR City.

VR Project Cars 2

The Experience

So for those of you that haven’t yet visited us, what on earth is VR City Bradford? Well we are a fully immersive virtual reality experience. On one side VR City is offering fully immersive VR racing simulators – to those of you into your racing games this is a whole new world. Imagine being inside of a modern supercar on one some of the world’s most famous race tracks! That is exactly how it feels. On the other side we offer the VR Arena where you can try a library of games – from shoot ’em up to dance; zombie killers to angry birds – there is something for everyone!

VR simulation is the way forward and the immersion you will get in our stations is second to none!


Thank you to Bradford for letting us bring Virtual Reality gaming to the city.